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Florida is an excellent place for exploring the open road on two wheels, but sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. Pop-up showers are common in the Sunshine State, and the best thing to do if you are riding your motorcycle and it begins to rain is stop. If waiting it out is not possible, you should drive carefully and use some standard safety precautions. See below for our tips for riding in the rain.

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# 1: Stop Riding When It’s Raining

If it starts raining while you’re on your bike, you should stop as soon as you can. With only two-wheels on the pavement, riding conditions can quickly become dangerous, so you should remove yourself from the situation as soon as safely possible.

Stop for a cup of coffee or at a gas station for a brief layover. If the rain is going to last overnight, consider a hotel for the night. If it’s just a quick drizzle that catches you off guard, you can even stop under a bridge.

# 2: Stay in the Right Lane

If you’re unable to stop while it’s raining, stay in the right lane. That’s the most consistent place to ride. You shouldn’t swerve in and out of traffic or between lanes. By maintaining your position in one lane, you increase your visibility and promote safe riding.

# 3: Avoid Driving Near Cars

Cars can also have difficulty driving in the rain. Their blind spots may be expanded, and they will not be expecting motorcycles on the road. Don’t drive beside them or too close behind. Instead, drive defensively, and give yourself and other vehicles plenty of space.

# 4: Avoid Puddles and Pooled Water

It might seem obvious, but you should avoid puddles and pooled water when riding in the rain. In Florida, water can gather in the middle of highways like Alligator Alley and I-75. Avoid those pools by riding to the right or slightly off-center.

# 5: Use Your Headlight at All Times

It is the law in Florida to use a headlight when it is raining. This applies to motorcycles as well as other motor vehicles. Your headlight will help other cars see you and allow you to see through the challenging weather ahead.

# 6: Wear the Right Gear

Wearing the right motorcycle gear is always important. This is especially true in adverse weather. You will need a jacket to stay warm and protect you from the rain. Appropriate pants and footwear are also essential. Gloves can also help you keep a good grip on the handlebars.

The most vital part of your riding gear will be a full helmet with an anti-fog visor. It will keep water off your head and out of your eyes. Some visors also have an electric defrost function that can help with sudden changes in humidity and temperature.

# 7: Ride Smoothly & Avoid Sudden Motions

When you’re riding in the rain, you should remain calm and keep your handlebars straight. Throttle adjustments should be made smoothly and in small increments. Don’t lean hard to the right or left on your bike. Apply brakes gradually and give yourself enough time to slowly make stops when necessary. Riding smoothly can prevent skidding and sliding around on wet roads.

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