Many riders appreciate getting their hands dirty and maintaining their bikes themselves. Although a trusted shop can help you with complicated issues, there is a lot of basic pre- and post-ride motorcycle maintenance you can do yourself.

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Routine Motorcycle Upkeep is Important

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s checklist is a great resource to cover all your bases with proper motorcycle maintenance. This list uses the simple acronym T-CLOCS, which stands for tires & wheels, controls, lights & electrics, oil & other fluids, chassis, and stands.

1. Tires, Wheels & Brakes

Make sure to check the condition of your tires, wheels, and breaks often. You should also check the tread depth, wear, and air pressure. Wheel spokes, rims, bearings, and seals should be assessed and brake function cleared before taking off.

If you need new tires, wheels, or brakes, you can easily get the parts at an automotive supply store like Cycle Gear of Orlando or Everything Motorcycles in Miami.

2. Controls

Maintenance on controls can be complicated, so if you’re unsure ask a professional. Your controls involve the handlebars, levers and pedals, cables, hoses, and the throttle. You should take a quick look at all these parts every time you go on a ride. However, from time to time you should really examine them closely.

Try to identify any issues with your handlebars if they are bent or don’t turn freely. You may need to attach new handgrips if yours have become worn from frequent use.

Levers and pedals may become broken, bent, and cracked, especially if they’re exposed to harsh weather. Pivots should be well lubricated.

Next, you should review your cables and hoses. If any of them are fraying or have cracks, you should replace them. This can often be done on your own by purchasing the parts and watching YouTube videos like Changing Motorcycle Lines & Cables – a Video Guide by Cruiser Customizing Video.

3. Lights & Electrics

Always double check your headlamp and other lights before every ride. If they need changed or adjusted, that can easily be done at home.

Wiring may be fraying or the insulation may come off. This can also be maintained at home by purchasing fresh wire and installing it yourself.

Mirrors should be free of any cracks and kept clean. Often, simple mirror maintenance means giving them a good wipe down, but you’ll be glad you did if you’re merging on a highway.

Give your battery a look and make sure the terminals don’t have any corrosion. It should be clean and sitting tight on your bike. If you need to replace your battery, pick up a new one at someplace like AutoZone or NAPA Auto Parts and watch a quick YouTube video like How to Change a Motorcycle Battery by RevZilla.

4. Oil & Other Fluids

You can check your levels before your ride, but signs of a leak can often best be seen after a ride. Therefore, it is important that you look at your bike both before and after an adventure.

Keep fluid levels full at all times. Fluids can be purchased at any motorcycle parts store, and if you aren’t sure how to refill it, your owner’s manual will provide the how-to.

Air filters are often changed at the same time as oil and other fluids as well. These are usually easy to pop and out replace.

5. Chassis

Both before and after your ride, you should check the frame, suspension, chain or belt, and fasteners on your bike. Maintenance on these items often needs to be done at a shop. But, if you have specialized tools and the know-how, you can keep your bike’s chassis in tip top shape at home.

6. Stands

Make sure your center and side stands don’t have cracks and they’re not bent. If they are, your bike could fall over and become damaged. Your best bet is to replace a stand that is compromised.

Rubenstein Law is Conveniently Located Throughout Florida

Rubenstein Law is a resource for bikers throughout Florida. If you have questions, reach out via our online chat to text or call 800-FL-LEGAL (800-355-3425). Our motorcycle team is here for beginner riders as well as experts.

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