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Motorcycle riding can be exhilarating. And, while it’s usually a great way to disconnect from screens and technology, some apps can boost your relationship with the road.

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Here are some of the best apps out there for Florida motorcycle riders:

Eat Sleep Ride

Eat Sleep Ride is a must-have for any biker. It has one of the largest communities of riders from around the world. It’s marketed as a GPS app, but it also provides a social community, ride tracking, and safety amenities. You can discover new routes and create private ride groups to keep track of friends.

The EatSleepRide App has a subscription add-on tool called CrashLight.The feature automatically detects if you have an accident on your bike. It’ll then use text, email & voicemail to notify up to 3 preselected contacts, alert them of the accident and share your last known GPS location.

The paid version with Crashlight for $14.99 per month. With Crashlight, you can visualize data, track collisions, and see other emergencies.

Diablo Super Biker

This is a free app from Pirelli Tires that gives you accurate information about your ride. Some of the information you can find on the app includes:

  • Lean angle calculation
  • Center mass
  • Tire width
  • Maximum acceleration
  • Measurement of gravitational acceleration
  • Calculation of altitude

Diablo also detects weather conditions like temperature and atmospheric pressure. In addition to all of the science, Diablo Super Biker also evaluates the type of asphalt you’re traveling on and how your bike will handle it.


Rever is a social app that encourages riders to find the best places to ride. It also allows riders to create and track custom routes and stay up to date with friends’ routes. The app offers a shared experience interface and has offline mapping.

This is a paid app that charges $4 per month.


This app allows you to keep track of basics regarding your motorcycle, including:

  • Service
  • Mileage
  • Finance payments
  • MOT – or bike roadworthiness test
  • Taxes
  • Fuel costs

Autosist also scans essential documents like your finance agreement or insurance certificate for easy access on the road.

Dark Sky Weather

Dark Sky Weather offers complete and accurate hyperlocal weather information. It has up to date forecasts throughout the United States. It can help you plan a ride by showing you inclement weather and when it will start and stop.

Dark Sky Weather costs a one-time price of $3.99.

Camp & RV

Many riders like to enjoy the outdoors when they hop off their bikes, but it can be hard to figure out where to stay for the night. The Camp & RV app helps you find places to pitch a tent and hook up an RV. However, it does much more for motorcycle riders. It also has information about safe parking lots, fuel stations, rest areas, repair locations, tunnels, and inclines.

Camp & RV is available for a one-time price of $9.99.


This community-based traffic tracker is the world’s largest navigation app. It reports information about traffic, crashes, and inclement weather in real-time. The Waze app collects reports and route information from all motor vehicle drivers and confirms it frequently. With such an extensive reach, the information is on point and helpful during a ride.

Waze is a free app that can be used to plan routes, determine how long it’ll take to get from point A to point B, and use for turn-by-turn direction as you ride.

Gas Buddy

Another crowdsourced app, but for finding gas and real-time fuel prices at more than 140,000 gas stations across the United States and Canada. You can sort the results by distance or price and then get direction to the station you choose.

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