December 28, 2020   |   Posted by Rubenstein Law

COVID-19 has changed the world, and though it’s affected the riding community, nothing keeps us down.

Although some Bike Night events have been canceled due to COVID, others continue, building community and solidarity through this challenging time.

At Rubenstein Law, we are all about rider safety and health in Florida. So, if you plan on attending Florida Bike Nights throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, check ahead to ensure that events have not been canceled and that you are aware of any safety requirements being enforced.

Citywide Events

City officials are in charge of hosting some Bike Nights. These events often loosen parking restrictions, allowing more people to gather safely in areas where parking is often limited.

Unfortunately, many city-sponsored Bike Nights have been canceled as a result of COVID-19. While there have been few statewide changes in response to the pandemic, some city leaders have taken additional steps in restricting gatherings.

If you regularly attend a city-sponsored event, double-check before making plans to attend.

Private Events

Luckily, there are still many privately-run Bike Night events going on throughout Florida. During these challenging times, the community is more important than ever before.

One event we look forward to on Wednesday is Bike Night with the Cartel Baggers. We meet at a Miami shop weekly and ride over to a different destination each week. You can also check their Instagram page for details. We also support the Bike Night at Duke’s Brewhouse in Lakeland on the first Wednesday of the month with the team from Born to Ride. If you’ve attended before, we hope to see you. If not, join us next time and keep an eye out for Rubenstein Law’s custom bike, #LadyJustice.

Sanitation Changes

Something to note is that many events do have more stringent procedures to keep attendees and others safe. If you attend a bike night at a bar or restaurant, you’ll likely find servers and bartenders wearing masks. Attendees are often encouraged to wear masks, although not all events require them.

Restaurants and bars hope to keep employees and customers safe by sanitizing tables between every use, making hand sanitizer widely available and easy to find, and keeping extra masks on hand for those who would like to protect themselves.

Keeping Yourself Safe

Attending Bike Night and other events doesn’t mean you have to skip all COVID precautions and expose yourself to this virus. The following precautions can allow you to get back to normal more quickly and attend more events.

To keep yourself and your family safe, consider these basic precautions at Bike Night:

  • Wear a mask. When it’s hot in FL, masks aren’t always tons of fun, but they do provide an opportunity to express yourself, show your creativity, all while protecting your friends and neighbors who might be high risk for a dangerous COVID. While N95 masks are the safest option, they are difficult to find, uncomfortable, and saved for healthcare workers. A cloth mask, if properly fitted, worn over your nose & mouth, and multiple layers goes a long way in reducing transmission.
  • Socially distance to the extent possible. While social distancing is not always possible at Bike Night, there is a lot of a gray area between staying six feet away and being shoulder-to-shoulder in a tight circle. Limit the spread of germs by maintaining some physical distance.
  • Choose events with precautions in place. Before attending an event, look up their current protocols and requirements. Consider choosing events that have safety precautions in place for customers’ wellbeing.
  • Be aware of any changes in your health or symptoms. The last thing you want to do is unintentionally become a COVID-19 super spreader. Before attending any event, consider any minor symptoms or changes in your health in recent days. Yes, that mild cough could be because of the dry air, simple allergies, or COVID. If there is any doubt, stay home.
  • Limit your attendance at large gatherings. The more people present, the more likely it is that one or more people in attendance have COVID-19. Try to stick to smaller settings where it’s not as crowded.

Bike Nights are an important part of Florida motorcycle culture, and we look forward to upcoming events. Be sure to check us out and look for us at an upcoming Bike Night.

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